About Us

We Are The Spices Of Maharashtra.

Spices are one of the most factor to make food tasty.Different spices and blends are used to create different and distinctive tastes in dishes, Several decades ago, housewives used to grind their spices manually at home and make their own blends for use in their cooking then people used to go to restaurant to have some change in taste. To make this process easier for the housewife, Anuruchi masale visualised the concept of ready-to-use ground spices which will be ready to use and can give restaurant like taste to your food instantly.

Anuruchi Masale blended spices are a class apart. Each blend has been specially formulated to impart the genuine taste to various Indian food preparations. Decades of research has gone into preparing these blends needed in specific and classical Indian dishes. Indian traditional cookery is free of preservatives and artificial flavour enhancers. our spices does not use these synthetics.

About Founder

Rushikesh Rajaram Sonawane

Computer Engineer From Jalgaon In Maharashtra Started his Journey with pisciculture  Business & Increased revenue in pisciculture by over 80% in 1 .5 year . After genrating some funds he started with maprix industries Pvt. Ltd. as CEO

With his vision, perseverance and a devoted honesty in business, Rushikesh Sir led the venture to the heights, which have inspired others to follow.  Very few people know the success and the hard work of Rushikesh ji behind the success of the super brand Anuruchi.  Rushikesh ji does’t have any secret formula behind his grand success. He just follows a traditionally established principle of honouring the commitments and serving his customers through pure and quality products.   His commitment to humanity and community and his relentless activities shine in many spheres of life.  Towards this he rises above the confines of religions and communities and never hesitates to serve the mankind, no matter what the cause.

Certified Products

We Deal With Various Quality Spices & Herbs


Mission of Anuruchi Masale Company is to provide our customers with high quality of spices which they can use in their food to make it more delicious.
We do this by sourcing, processing and delivering single spices to mixed masale, small sachet to large packets, which can be used in small houses as well as in big restaurant which is economically efficient and quality consistent way.
Because we deliver
“प्यार के साथ स्वाद भी “


Our Vision is to Deliver Finest Quality Of Spices at Most Affordable Prices so that Our Masale can be used by every Spice lover around the globe.

Our Happy Clients!

Great Flavour Great Taste Anuruchi Masale! The spices are very authentic and delicious . Great Work ! Thank you so much , I absolutely loved them
- Krishaa Chaudhari
It has an appealing aroma, and all individual spices come together really well to create a balanced blend which makes the Tastiest Curry.
- Manali Kadam
The taste of each Masale is lip smacking delicious. Overall Best Expirience. Anuruchi Masale enhances the Taste of all Recipies.
- Darshan Vadnere